Maximize Your Trading Strategy

Sotrade provides high flexible in sharing your trading strategy without compromise. Become an expert trader, gain your fame through Sotrade Social Trading Platform, and generating extra earning by allow others to follow your trade strategy. Thus, receiving profit sharing bonus.

Earn extra bonuses,
On top of what you're earning

Allow others to follow your trading strategy and receive extra earning. Customize your profit sharing rate to maximize your profit and also reputation

How to become an Expert Trader

Join as an Expert Trader

 Have a Sotrade Account
 Account capital of 1000 USD
 Previous trading history of 2 years

Submit Document for eligibility check

  • Previous trading history with minimum of 2 years
  • Provide your Sotrade MT5 trading account number
  • Specify distribution of profit in %
Submit the information above via LiveChat, Ticket or
 Spread from 0.1
 Minimum Balance of $1000 USD
 Leverage 1:100
 Minimum lot 0.01

Profit Sharing

50 %

Lowest 10% and up to 50%

Condition may apply

Hidden Fee

0 $

Lowest spread & minimum slippage

Subject to different pairs
Social Trading Platform

Explorer How Social Trading Work Seamlessly

Sotrade provide a fair social trading platform for users/investor & expert trader enjoy great trading performance and profits together. User/investor gain profit from expert traders strategy & expert trader received bonus as part of the profit sharing from the user/investors profit.